Exclusive Insights And Offers From The DRE Email List

Exclusive Insights & Offers From The DRE Email List


Gain valuable insights with our curated videos, podcasts, and articles for all clinicians.

Gain valuable insights with our curated videos, podcasts, and articles for all clinicians.


Dr Sunny demonstrates how to
set up your Greater Curve Matrix

Setting Up Your Greater Curve Matrix For Success

Setting Up Your Greater Curve Matrix For Success

Dr Sunny demonstrates how to
set up your Greater Curve Matrix

Whether you're a beginner or experienced with the Greater Curve System, this video guides you in setting up a Greater Curve Standard Band seamlessly.

Common issues we see when training delegates stems from an incorrect "setup", so take note and we hope it's helpful.

Still using a MATRIX BAND for composites?

By Adam White, DDS from the Beyond Dentistry YouTube Channel

"Composite restorations are challenging, and there are many different matrix systems out there.

My favourite so far is from a company called Greater Curve; they make a band that is specifically for composites."

What is the best way to make a contact area on a class 2?

Gordon J. Christensen discusses why he prefers Greater Curve bands

Dr Gordon has recommended Greater Curve products for over 11 years!

Greater Curve was recently featured in the his Clinicians Report,
"Best Products Tested for 2023".

Restoring Difficult Wrap Around Caries

Restoring Difficult Wrap Around Caries

By Dr N. Cory Glenn from the
N. Cory Glenn Youtube Channel

Demonstration of Greater Curve and Snowplough technique to address "Wrap Around Caries"

Class 2 Composite with Wide Space & Subgingival Margin

By Dr Dennis Brown
- Inventor of Greater Curve

Here is a step by step example showing how to navigate wide posterior space with a
Brass Standard Greater Curve Band

Direct Veneer With Greater Curve

Direct Veneer
With Greater Curve

By Dr Dennis Brown
- Inventor of Greater Curve

Here is a step by step example showing how to complete a veneer with a
Steel Greater Curve U Band
by Dr Dennis Brown


Protrusive Dental Podcast Episode 188

Class 2 Composites WITHOUT A Wedge + Contact Opening Technique

Dr Jaz Gulati says Class II’s are only easy when they are small (but not too small), supragingival, easily accessible with straight-forward anatomy. In other words, about 1% of the Class IIs I encounter - because the vast majority I see are subgingival, wide, with awkward root concavities and tricky access.

I went from using sectional matrices 97% of the time to now just using them 30% of the time - this is thanks to a circumferential matrix I started to use last year which is a game changer. I now do not need to use a wedge in most scenarios (something I used to think was a crime!) and have been using the ‘contact opening technique’.

Dentology Podcast - Sandeep Sadana (episode 110)

Dentology Podcast - Sandeep Sadana

Our guest on the podcast this week is Dr Sandeep Sadana (aka Dr Sunny!).

In this episode, he talks about his dental career and why he chose dentistry over being a doctor or lawyer.

He chats about his time at dental school, shares his top tips, explains more about the struggles he faced when starting out, his highs and lows in business and what changed back in 2018 that made him fall back in love with the profession.

Dentists Who Invest Podcast

Maximizing Profits In Restorative Dentistry with Dr. Sandeep Sadana DWI-EP153

Ever wondered how to maximize your profitability in restorative dentistry? Join us for an enlightening conversation with Dr. Sunny from the Dre Composite Restorative Technique, as we uncover the secrets to boosting your bottom line while still providing exceptional value to your patients.

Throughout the episode, we delve into the crucial concept of understanding that value equals money. Dr. Sunny shares his personal journey and experience in charging more for composite restorations, and how providing patients with more information enables them to appreciate the true value of their treatment.

The Scrubbed In Show The Dentist Who Found his Calling

The Dentist who Found his Calling - Dr Sandeep Sadana

In this episode, we chat with Sandeep "Sunny" Sadana, a dentist and the director of DRE Composite. Sunny shares his journey from failure to success, including his experiences working in unfulfilling environments, losing over £250k in the world of crypto, and discovering the Greater Curve® Matrix System.

Dental Leaders Podcast

Dental Review: Best Circumferential Matrix Bands for Composite Restorations

Listen to the whole show and uncover:

✅ My High ROI Habit - A powerful method for quickly finding strengths and weaknesses.
✅ Trainee to Trainer - Discover why you need to embrace failures on the pathway to success.
✅ Bitcoin for Dentists - Learn how I lost £250k. (So you don’t make the same mistakes I did!).
✅ Military Time - Lessons from my military time that you can use to become a better dentist.

Protrusive Dental Podcast Battle of the Matrix Bands

Dental Review: Best Circumferential Matrix Bands for Composite Restorations

Dr. Sunny Sadana discusses in this episode, Best Circumferential Matrix Bands for Composite Restorations the different kinds of circumferential matrices, their pros, cons, how much they cost, and their overall situational adaptability. He also shares with us the ultimate matrix band that can tackle ANY direct restorative situation.

The Dr Richard Podcast Featuring Sandeep Dr Sunny Sadana

Featuring Sandeep 'Dr Sunny' Sadana

It was an honour to spend some time with him, listen to the podcast to discover:

✅ The importance of having a mentor and how I found mine.

✅ Advice for dentists just starting out and why ‘trying everything’ isn't always best.

✅ The secret to high treatment uptake, happy patients and a happy bank balance

✅ My foundations for an enjoyable and productive day.


Free Matrix Comparison Guide and PDF Download

With so many matrix systems on the market today it can be hard deciding which to include in your armamentarium as a dental clinician.

We want effective solutions but don’t want to break the bank, I get it.

Check out our free matrix comparison guide comparing the broad categories of matrix systems, their indications as well as approximate prices.

Ideal if you want to assess the business case or present it to the buyers in the practice.

Click the button below and you’ll download it as a pdf, which is perfect for quickly forwarding on.

Why Can't I Focus? - Lifestyle Tips for Dental Staff to Stay Happy and Productive

This may sound grim, but the fact is Dentistry is a demanding and high-stress profession, with long hours, difficult patients, and complex procedures. This can lead to burnout and overwhelming feelings which may contribute to depression and, in the extreme, suicidal thoughts.

We live in an age of abundance. Most of us enjoy access to information at the touch of a button, have clean clothing, a place to live and plenty of food and water. Why then have depression rates in the UK been increasing over the past few decades?

Direct Restorative Excellence

June 15th, 2023 • 6 min read

Why Choose a Direct Composite Restoration Over A Conventional Crown?

The rise of the popularity of composite bonding has been an absolute wonder to witness. In just a few short years, it's gone from being unheard of to becoming something that patients ask for by name.

Over on Instagram, you’ll find over 200,000 hashtags for #compositebonding and it’s fast on track to overtake #dentalcrowns - which were previously the more popular choice among patients for improving their smiles, repairing broken and decayed teeth.

Direct Restorative Excellence

November 9th, 2022 • 6 min read



Greater Curve - Class 3 Restoration UL1/No.9

Class 3 restoration using a
Steel Greater Curve Wide Band
on tooth UL1/No.9 by Dr Dennis Brown


Greater Curve - Class II Restoration

Using the Greater Curve matrix for a class II restoration.

Greater Curve Standard - Class II Restoration

Class II Restoration on tooth #3 using a Greater Curve Standard Matrix Band.

Addressing Matrix Gaps at the Contact with Greater Curve

Tutorial for the use of the Greater Curve matrix band

The DRE Composite Course & Greater Curve® As Seen On

The DRE Composite Course &
Greater Curve® As Seen On

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