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June 10th 2023

Practical Day

June 10th 2023

Practical Day


Learn the Greater Curve® System

Fast Track Your Composite Mastery

& Learn to Handle ANY Case

🗓 Saturday June 10th 2023

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100 Minories
London, EC3N 1JY
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FINALLY, overcome time consuming sub-gingival cavities, black triangles,

overhangs, voids, open contacts and get total isolation.

FINALLY, overcome time consuming sub-gingival cavities, black triangles,

overhangs, voids, open contacts

and get total isolation.

Value Stack

  • Greater Curve Certified Training - Value £975

  • Online Video Lecture Series - Value £495

  • Great Curve Starter Kit - Value £250

  • Instruments and Materials - Value £75

Total Value £1,795

Value Stack

  • Greater Curve Certified Training - Value £975

  • Online Video Lecture Series - Value £495

  • Great Curve Starter Kit - Value £250

  • Instruments and Materials - Value £75

Total Value £1,795

Fast Track Your Composite Mastery

June 10th 2023

Practical Day


With The DRE Course you’ll learn

The Greater Curve® System

and techniques.

Feedback From DRE Course Attendees

Dr Jaz Gulati

Associate Dentist

Emma Still

Associate Dentist

Dr Fayaaz Kassam

Principal Dentist

Dr Balvir Jadeja

Associate Dentist

Dr Vishal Patel

Associate Dentist

Dr Amrit Sahl


Dr Fahd Khan

Associate Dentist

Dr Uzma Qasi

Associate Dentist

Dr Carl Agyeman



What You'll Get When You Enrol

Online Video Lecture Series

Introduction & History

Overview of DRE the Official Greater Curve® Composite Master Class.

Learn how a happy accident allowed Dr Dennis Brown to invent a solution for reliable composite placement back in the 1990's.

Principles of Composite Bonding
Discover the essential first principles you need know to successfully bond composite to teeth.

You'll gain greater predictability, have fewer re-dos and refunds - and of course more delighted patients.

Introduction to The Greater Curve® System

Deepen your understanding of the Greater Curve® System - the patented matrix bands and contra-angle retainer arms.

Uncover the benefits of the Greater Curve® System over conventional sectional matrices and standard circumferential bands.

The Different Bands and Where to Use Them

A blueprint for where to apply our 9 unique matrix bands with differing designs, thicknesses and materials.

You'll be able to pick and choose the exact band for your preferred clinical workflow.

Finally an all in one matrix system for all of your anterior, posterior and class 5 composite restorations.

Setting up the Greater Curve® Matrix
How to set up the Greater Curve® matrix bands and the contra-angle retainer arms - the right way.

Get optimal contact areas and achieve excellent isolation - immediately.

Shortcomings of Sectional Matrices
Sectional matrices are widely used and accepted. But is there a better and easier way to restore teeth?

Gain valuable new insight into why your work with sectional matrices can often be so hit and miss.

Neutral is Best

Learn how to restore any tooth without needing wedges.

Enjoy more predictable outcomes and avoid problematic open contacts.

Diagnosis and Planning

The no-nonsense approach for diagnosis and planning.

Quickly know whether to attempt a restoration - or not.

Plus - we reveal the very best way to communicate with patients, so you can manage their expectations effectively.


What You'll Learn When You Enrol

Practical Day


Discussion about what we are trying to achieve clinically for our patients.

Class 3 and 5
How to restore class 3 and 5 simply with the Greater Curve® system.

Class 2 and MOD

Making the cavities we face daily, simple and predictable.

Class 4
These can quite often be very tricky and sub-gingival. You'll learn our highly effective approach.

Direct Composite Veneer
This restoration very commonly returns with staining leaking margins, learn how your composite veneers can be a cut above the rest.

Direct Composite Onlay

Not all teeth require chopping down for a crown. Discover an effective technique for placing direct composite onlays - without the fuss.

The original tooth can be broken down and we can still restore it directly using the Greater Curve® with shorter finishing times.

Practical Day Program

09:15 - 09:45

What Are We Trying To Achieve?

09:45 - 10:30
Sign, Seal & Deliver
Contact Opening & Super Burnishing

10:30 - 11:30

Class 3 & Class 5

Coffee Break ☕️

11:30 - 12:45

Class 2/MOD

12:45 - 13:30

Lunch Break 🥪

13:30 - 14:30

Class 4

14:30 - 15:30

Direct Composite Veneer

Coffee Break ☕️

15:30 - 16:30

Direct Composite Onlay

Stamp Technique

16:30 - 17:00

Finishing & Polishing

17:00 - 17:30



Frequently Asked Questions

"How will this make my life better in my daily practice?"

Our delegates regularly tell us they have saved time with the unique approaches they learn on the DRE Course.

How many times have you run late for your patients' appointments?

How many times have you left work late?

Too many times to count?

If you'd like fewer refunds and redos, to leave the practice on time - and bill more per hour, then the DRE Course is for you.

"I’ve used curved bands before, how is The Greater Curve® different?"

You may have used curved bands before but ours are the original and best patented Greater Curve® bands.

Our bands use proprietary metals with thicknesses that have been painstakingly developed over almost 30 years to produce a system that can be used to tackle even the most demanding of situations.

Imitation bands are thicker and have different composition.

That means they won’t get you the results you and your patients want.

Who wants a cheaper matrix that doesn't isolate as well?

There’s no benefit at all!

"What's the point, can't I just do a crown if I can't do a composite?"

You certainly may be able to but you will still need a well bonded restoration underneath in many cases.

The Greater Curve® can help you achieve this.

Frequently many teeth don’t need to be prepared in order to provide a well functioning restoration.

Why limit the options you can offer your patients? As patients are self educating with Dr Google, and becoming more savvy, the shift and trend towards additive means is on the rise.

Do you really want to be left behind and only offer subtractive options?

The rise in composite bonding over porcelain veneers in recent years is testament to patients’ changing attitudes about cutting teeth down.

"Will this work with amalgam?"

100% Yes!

Imagine being able to place amalgams with worrying about those dreaded overhangs.

"Will this course work for me?"

Our framework has been designed from the ground up for everybody - from beginner fresh out of university to the advanced practitioner.

If you’re looking to add new highly effective techniques and skills to your armoury, there is something here for you.

We have honed Dr Dennis Brown's almost 30 years experience of developing and using the Greater Curve® System and Technique.

The DRE Course is a one day accelerated (but detailed) learning program, so you can tackle any restorative dentistry with the utmost confidence.

"How many people will be on the course with me?"

We want you to have the very best learning experience.

That’s why we only allow a maximum of 15 delegates per DRE Course training day.

It means your course instructor and assistant clinicians will be able to give you the one on one time you need to get the most of of your investment.

"Do you offer a guarantee?"


If for any reason you feel that the DRE Course has not lived up to your expectations, just speak to Dr Sunny at the end of the day, explain why you feel that way and he will give you your money back - no stress, no problem and no hard feelings.

(By the way this has never happened but the offer is genuine, that's why you have absolutely ZERO risk when you enrol).

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